First look at Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in the latest Supergirl season two sneak peek

Still frustrated with the dark gritty reimagining of Superman in the DC Cinematic Universe? Then Supergirl is just the fun, light-hearted alternative you've been looking for. It already proved it could do a great superhero crossover event with The Flash in last season's World's Finest (and was everything Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice wasn't) and now the Man of Steel himself is getting a lighter reimagining.

Tyler Hoechlin will make his debut as Superman in the Supergirl season two opener The Adventures of Supergirl and now this sneak peek gives audiences their first look at his version, showing just what it is like to see the two Kryptonian cousins team up on screen. Capturing the spirit of Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain, this could be the Superman fans have been waiting for.

Supergirl will be back on Sky 1 later next month.

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