Check out the first teaser for Star Trek Discovery

Here’s your first glimpse at the new ship – and yes the TV series has a name!

Yes, the new Bryan Fuller-produced Star Trek TV series has a name; Star Trek Discovery and it will be set in the prime universe. With that announcement at this year’s San Diego Comic Con came the first teaser video, the test flight of NCC-1031 USS Discovery. The CGI looks a little unfinished, but it is our first glimpse at what a Star Trek TV show will look like after more than a decade off air.

Keen eyed fans will notice that the ship bears more than a passing resemblance to the abandoned 1970’s Planet of the Titans and has a Star Trek Phase II vibe to it, suggesting that the series might be set after the original series but pre-dating the original movies.

It was recently announced Netflix would be broadcasting each episode of the series less than a day after the US broadcast. More news as we have it.

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Updated: Jul 24, 2016

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