Big Sky 1.01 and 1.02: Pilot / Nowhere To Run

There is no doubt that Big Sky will draw you in with its serialised mystery, soap operatics and slick direction, but it cannot help but leave you troubled by some of its more problematic cliches.

Batwoman: 2.05 Gore on Canvas

Ryan is forced into a partnership with the Crows in order to steal a painting that might be the key to finding Coryana...and Kate.

Rock Follies' 45th Anniversary DVD Review

First broadcast forty-five yeasrs ago, Rock Follies was a popular hit and won that year;s BAFTA Award. A look back at the show and its sequel Rock Follies of 77, on DVD.

WandaVision: 1.07 Breaking the Fourth Wall

There are major reveals and secrets are exposed in this more introspective episode of WandaVision.

A Discovery of Witches: 2.07

Matthew and Diana's search for the Book of Life takes them to Bohemia, and the court of Emperor Rudolph II.

Resident Alien: 1.04 Birds of a Feather

Awkward dinner parties and covert missions in the latest Resident Alien.

Batwoman: 2.04 Fair Skin, Blue Eyes

An episodes that addresses some dark issues and shows us a painful episode from Ryan's past.

WandaVision: 1.06 All-New Halloween Spooktacular!

Vision continues his search for the truth as Wanda and the twins celebrate Halloween

A Discovery of Witches: 2.06

Daddy issues and marriages in the latest A Discovery of Witches.

Briarpatch: Review

Briarpatch wants to be the next Fargo, but it’s another case of style over substance for this would-be anthology crime drama.

WandaVision: 1.05 On a Very Special Episode...

Vision begins to suspect all is not as it seems in this potentially game changing episode.

A Discovery of Witches: 2.05

Two new Clairmont vampires enter the mix as Diana and Matthew make their way across war torn France...

Resident Alien: 1.02 Homesick

Harry adjusts to his new life in Colorado in the second episode of Resident Alien.

Batwoman: 2.03 Bat Girl Magic!

The story of Batwoman picks up steam as Ryan makes the Batsuit her own while Alice comes face to face with Safiyah, who has more than a few surprises up her sleeve.

WandaVision: 1.04 We Interrupt This Program

A change in direction as WandaVision starts to offer some answers as to what is really going on.

A Discovery of Witches: 2.04

Marcus takes centre stage as A Discovery of Witches returns to the present in the fourth episode of series two.

Agents of SHIELD: Season Seven Review

As Agents of SHIELD ends its run on Disney+ this week, Baz Greenland reviews the dramatic - and very fun - seventh and final season

Resident Alien: 1.01 Pilot

Alan Tudyk playing an alien impersonating a human? Does the pilot live up to that potential?

Disenchantment: Part 3 Review

The third part of Matt Groening's animated fantasy sitcom severely lacks direction, despite the talents of its voice cast and occasional smatterings of depth.