We Recommend: Would I Lie To You?/Have I Got News For You

It seems like every panel game on the BBC is running on a constant rotation, especially the constantly-repeated Have I Got News For You, but in actual fact, both that show and Would I Lie To You? have been off-air for a while and are returning to BBC1 tonight!

So, whether you like your panel comedy based on recent true events or the probably false life stories of celebrities, there’s something for everyone!

Out of curiosity, we’ve taken a look at the upcoming line-ups for both. HIGNFY (pronounced “Hig-Nuffy”, apparently) brings back team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop. Then there’s the usual guest hosts, starting with Stephen Mangan, who we enjoyed in Dirk Gently, and later Damian Lewis, currently being brilliant, if not exactly funny, in US drama Homeland.

Alastair Campbell, former Downing Street media man and constant national hate figure, will also be making his debut in the chair, which could mean brilliance or an episode derailed by Ian Hislop shouting at him. We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, over in the WILTY? compound (that acronym is easy to pronounce), they have not only regular team captains Lee Mack and David “In all the panel shows, especially ones about lying” Mitchell, but a regular host too, in the form of Rob Brydon.

The guest line-up are the usual comedians and general celebrities. Potentially interesting entries include Richard Madeley and Miles Jupp next week and modern comedy master Armando Iannucci further down the line.

The BBC isn’t previewing these panel shows, perhaps because “reviewing” them seems redundant, but on past form, they should be ideal fodder to laugh away a quiet Friday night, or cheer you up during hungover weekend mornings.

Would I Lie To You? returns to BBC1 tonight at 8:30, following by Have I Got News For You at 9:00 on the same channel. There are BBC official sites available for both WILTY? and HIGNFY.

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