We Recommend: The Walking Dead – Season 3

The zombies return once more – but have they picked up the pace?

Last year, I recommended season two of The Walking Dead, checked in again midway, and then came back to conclude that, yes, it was alright in places, but had suffered from a dangerously flabby mid-section, and really needed to tighten up to survive the zombie-apocalypse-styled world of the modern primetime TV market.

So, now they’re back for that third season – have they made important changes, or will they be picked off one by one?

The third season commences on FX tonight, and features the introduction of various popular elements from the comic books, including the prison setting, sword-wielding zombie killer Michonne and sadistic villain The Governor. The first season three episode has also broken the all-time record for cable viewership in the states, meaning unless they cock everything up, a fourth season is more or less certain.

So it’s lucky for them that I’ve taken a look at it and it was properly good. Not merely decent compared to some of the dull episodes in season two, but scary, tense and character-driven, yet without being overwrought and soapy.

I’ll not drop any spoilers, but the prison setting provides all the dark, unsettling passageways you could possibly want in a horror show, even the annoying characters from last year have good moments, and there are some twists too. If watching The Walking Deadwas starting to make you feel like the living dead, give them one more episode. They might surprise you.

And, of course, they might also squander a promising start and be back to the whining by episode four, but I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. Even if you aren’t an existing viewer, there are some solid zombie chills in new The Walking Dead. Worth a look.

Check out the the official FX Walking Dead site for more info. The series returns tonight at 10PM on FX UK.

Nick Bryan

Updated: Oct 19, 2012

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