We Recommend: The Fades

I’ll be honest with you; I’m not much one for horror. I hide behind a cushion during scary episodes of Doctor Who and Jeepers Creepers gave me nightmares for weeks. But new BBC Three show The Fades, a horror show involving ghosts and ghouls and all kinds of nasties, is actually really flipping good. Even if it did scare me to death.

It’s about Paul, a nice but really awkward teenager with an in-depth knowledge of pop culture, a crush on his sister’s gorgeous best friend and the unfortunate problem of having harrowing apocalyptic nightmares every night. Oh, and he can see the spirits of the dead (aka “The Fades”) wherever he goes.


The Fades are usually harmless, but one of them is rather ticked off and found a way to break through the wall between the living and the dead. Cue all hell being released on the Earth, with Paul and his friends and family right at the centre.

It was written by the brilliant Jack Throne, who has also written Skins, This Is England ’86 and Shameless. It’s got a brilliant cast — Iain De Caestecker, Daniela Nardini, Lily Loveless, Johnny Harris, Daniel Kaluuya — playing brilliant roles, such a gun-toting lady vicar. The whole show (or at least what I’ve seen of it) is just brilliant.


It’s a perfectly pitched mix of horror and comedy that had me laughing just as much as hiding. The Fades aren’t good or bad — they’re not angels from heaven and devils from hell, but more like humans stuck in purgatory that get angrier the longer they’re there. They’re strong and have superhuman powers, meaning that there’s always a clear level of threat for Paul and his peers.

Between the action and the humour we get the Big Themes; The Fades deals with sex, death and violence easily, in no small way thanks to the brilliant, incredibly human and likeable characters.


If you’re interested, The Fades starts on BBC Three on Wednesday 21st September at 9:00pm. If you need more convincing, check out the trailer below, this trailer we already posted and have a look at The Fades’ mini-site.

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