We Recommend: Stargazing Live

Professor Brian Cox, aka that bloke who is making science cool again and calls people "Nobbers" on Twitter, and Dara O Briain, aka that bloke who presents Mock the Week and looks like Dobby the House Elf, are coming together again for three nights to get people interested in the night sky.

The first series of this was very, very good. There's absolutely no reason the second series won't be just as good.

Co-produced by The Open University, Stargazing Live will be on BBC Two for three days and will be broadcast live from Jodrell Bank Observatory. There'll be live interaction with the audience, lots of smart people being talking about how fantastic the night sky is and lots of moments to take your breath away.

There will also be interesting bits as Dara and Brian look at things like why the mood affects the tides, black holes and aliens. Yes, aliens. They'll also be talking about how you can stargaze at home.

With Dara and Brian at the helm it'll be very funny. Considering the subject matter it's going to be very pretty. But more than anything, it'll be interesting and will make you feel much less guilty about that two and a half hour Come Dine With Me binge you had earlier.

Stargazing Live starts on BBC Two at 8:30pm. Find out more about Stargazing Live by viewing the BBC Program Page.

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