We Recommend: New Girl

The new US sitcom on C4, featuring Zooey Deschanel as the new girl. Will you love her or hate her?

Launching on Channel 4 on Friday it’s New Girl, the latest “buzz show” from the United States. It stars Zooey Deschanel as the title girl, who moves into a flat with three guys after breaking up with her long term boyfriend, only to find the independent adult single world a bit of a challenge.

It seems to have gone down a storm in America, and C4 are plugging the hell out of it, putting the pilot up on 4OD a week in advance and gluing Deschanel’s “adorkable” face to the side of buses. So, is it actually any good?

We’ve seen the first few episodes, and the answer is… kinda sorta. It’s largely a vehicle for Zooey Deschanel’s me-so-quirky persona, cranked up to maximum, and she is funny, but if you find melodramatic ineptitude annoying, you’ll not make it to the first ad break without hurling the remote control through the television. And then kicking it, to make sure it’s dead.

Personally, I can tolerate and even enjoy her character, although, on occasion, I wonder how that woman can survive in adult society without permanent supervision.

It helps that the three flatmates, who could easily have been identikit straight men taking turns rolling their eyes, are well acted and written, each setting out a distinct personality quickly. I really relished the scenes between the men, when the so-called main character was out of the room. Annoyingly, one of them gets replaced between the first two episodes due to contractual wranglings with another show, but the New Guy’s just as good.

Anyway, it’s a watchable sitcom, not a work of art and a bit prone to repeating its plots, but you could do worse. If you need a new comedy, give it a look. You may find the lead character utterly unbearable, but if so, at least you’ll quickly know to avoid New Girl like the plague.

And if you want to make that decision ASAP, the pilot is already up on 4OD ahead of Friday’s broadcast. There’s also more information on C4’s official site.

Nick Bryan

Updated: Jan 04, 2012

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