We Recommend: Dexter

If you’re a Dexter fan then you should be aware that tonight, on FX UK at 10.00 PM, season six begins its 12 episode run. If you aren’t a fan then you probably should be given what we have here is one of the most excellent TV shows currently airing.

Based on a series of novels, Dexter himself is a blood-splatter specialist working for Miami Metro police department. Of course, he’s a sufficiently peculiar character thanks to his witnessing his mother’s violent murder when a young child, and spending a period of time in significant pools of blood in the aftermath, waiting to be found. This had a profound effect on Dexter. Dexter needs to kill - feed his dark passenger.

Fortunately, his Father by adoption taught him a code - Harry’s code - which means Dexter only ever kills people who deserve it and who the police can’t get (or that he gets before they have a chance to take them down given he would otherwise be running out of bad people in Miami considering the number he’s killed over the years!

Each series Dexter goes on a kind of journey and quite often this requires him to end it by killing the series’ big bad. He’s had to end the life of his brother, his lover, his equivalent, a horrible rapist and in perhaps the best season yet (four), John Lithgow as the amazing Trinity Killer. This season Dexter comes up against Admiral Bill Adama as a religious zealot (in the words of FX) and in so doing questions his and his young son’s position on God, the universe and everything in-between.

We at The Digital Fix have been lucky enough to preview this season and whilst it doesn’t hit the heights of season four (could it ever?) it is still classic Dexter and therefore superior to pretty much every other show out there. Watch it, enjoy it, love it.

And now, a short burst from Nick, who has also glanced at the start of the new season, and wanted to share his critical verdict:
After spending the whole of the fifth season tackling Dexter's guilt over that fourth-series cliffhanger, they’ve decided to move on with gusto now, jumping a few months into the future and showing us Dex back in full flow.

So in this first episode, we see barely any mention of his losses. It’s all about pushing forward, for both Dexter, who finds his young son is starting to demand care more complex than nappy-changing, and his sister Deb, whose relationship with Quinn might be starting to get serious.

And there are some other characters too, but although they often have good scenes with Michael C. Hall, their own subplots still drag. Quinn’s quest to expose Dexter from last year, the one cop storyline I was enjoying, seems to have been forgotten entirely.

The one problem this show has never been able to ditch in five years is the way it only comes alive when Dexter himself is on screen. Jennifer Carpenter’s Deborah is the only other character who manages to make her solo storylines work.

But seasoned Dexter fans will be used to that by now, and they might appreciate the air of back-to-basics they’ve brought this year. Dexter is chirpy again, there are charismatic guest stars, plus the promise of some imaginative kills. Can't complain.

Dexter returns at 10PM on FX tonight, more details on the official FX site.

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