We Recommend: Dead Boss

New on BBC Three tonight, Dead Boss is a new comedy-murder mystery series starring Sharon Horgan, who also co-writes with Holly Walsh. Horgan plays Helen, who is found guilty of murdering her boss, and ends up imprisoned, beset by crazy characters from both behind bars and her former life.

And I used to love the mix of death and weird humour in Psychoville, so I’ve previewed the first episode of Dead Boss to see how it works.

Well, if you find modern sitcoms too boring and cringe-based, Dead Boss is one of the best straight-up wacky efforts I’ve seen in a while. Don’t worry, there’s no laughter track, but there is a range of crazy and/or incompetent characters, and Horgan’s lead character as the (relatively) normal woman who is stuck with them and can only despair.

This being the first episode, there is a lot of introduction to do, but most of it is funny still, even if you can see a few of the prison rape/lesbianism jokes coming a mile off. Hopefully now they’ve done “don’t drop the soap” once, it won’t come up again.

And the whodunit aspect, well, they don’t get to it much here, but if our heroine didn’t do it, presumably someone else in the regular cast did? It often ends up being the character obviously infatuated with the deceased, in an “If I can’t have you, no-one will!” frenzy, but we’ll have to wait and see if they go there.

In the meantime, this is a promising introduction, perhaps more conventional humour than the off-the-wall lunacy of Psychoville, but still a fun thing to watch. As with Him & Her last year, don’t let the fact it’s a BBC Three sitcom put you off, Dead Boss is worth a look.

Dead Boss starts at 10:30 on BBC Three on Thursday 14th June. Check out the BBC official site for more information.

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