We recommend: Bitchin' Kitchen

We like our food programming to be a little off-the-beaten-track - something with an edge that isn't just food porn but entertains along the way too. While the UK has the likes of Jamie and Nigella, a quick trip across the Atlantic brings us the far more entertaining likes of Bitchin' Kitchen. The star of the show is Nadia Gosia (or as she's known here, Nadia G), a first generation Italian imigrant - and her Italian roots show through in the styles of food on show, but it's not actually the food we're here for...

You see, Bitchin' Kitchen is as much about off-beat comedy as it is the food and the show is interrupted regularly for mini comedy asides and sketches that wouldn't be out of place on something like The Fast Show. The show developed from an online series of three minute videos hosted by Gosia and it's this quickshot approach that makes the TV show unique. Yes, there is very much a US slant on the comedy, but it still works and even if the dishes on show were awful we'd still watch. Thankfully this isn't the case so for those who DO like their food porn there's plenty on offer for you too.

Bitchin' Kitchen probably isn't to everyone's tastes but for late night food-based entertainment there isn't much else that comes close and Nadia G is a funny and engaging host.

Bitchin' Kitchen is on Food Network UK, weeknights at midnight.

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