We Recommend: Alcatraz

Alcatraz is the latest show from the J.J Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Alias) stable and as you might expect it deals with mysterious events in the real world which relate to the most famous American prison in history. Based on an island in San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz once housed murderers, rapists and arsonists, amongst others even though it’s now just a spooky tourist attraction. Yes, it’s on an island, and yes there’s some supernatural weirdness going on, but this is no attempt to recreate Lost, despite the presence of Jorge Garcia (Hurley on Lost) in the cast.

The show stars Sarah Jones as San Francisco police detective Rebecca Madsen who is drawn into the show’s main mystery when she’s assigned to a particularly nasty homicide case where evidence seems to implicates an Alcatraz inmate that died a long time ago. Intriguing stuff to any decent detective and Madsen is definitely drawn in. When a government agent, Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill) tries to get in her way, Madsen just gets more determined to get involved and turns to Alcatraz expert, Dr Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia) for help and eventually the group investigate together, discovering that there’s some definite weirdness going on around Alcatraz and inmates returning after decades, not looking a day older.

The show’s set up to be part-procedural, part-mythology and has a strong cast, a good premise and promises to be an interesting watch. While we may not be able to predict whether it will stay a strong show, or go the way of Undercovers, it’s definitely worth deciding for yourself. For me, a complete Alcatraz enthusiast, it’s already set to record!

Alcatraz starts on Watch on Tuesday 13th March at 9pm. Watch their trailer for the series below, or check out their Alcatraz page.

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