Torchwood: Miracle Day

So, finally, it’s over.

I say finally and I mean finally. For although I watched every single episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, I didn’t particularly rate it. Does anyone else think it just went on for too flipping long?

But I suppose there were some good bits. The characters, for example. Jilly Kitzinger wins the prize for being the most deliciously hideous character I have ever come across. I adore the woman but loathe her to the core at the same time. That’s quite an achievement. And Oswald Danes? Creepiest man ever. Magnificent acting from Bill Pullman.


And there were some bad bits. The characters, for example. Rex and Esther are not good characters. Esther spent the majority of the series being known universally as Wet Esther until she magically became kick-arse in the last two episodes, and Rex was as two dimensional as a cartoon strip put through a pasta maker.

And the plot. The plot was a bit rubbish. It was incredibly, incredibly messy. So many episodes that seemed to make no sense with the rest of it. So many things introduced that looked like they were going to be incredibly important but ended up going nowhere. Like Angelo. A whole episode devoted to Angelo, and then a whole other episode devoted to his family. For what? So the families could be introduced? We didn’t need two whole hours for that. And the ovens. Vera gets burnt, Gwen gets pissed off and tries to rescue her father, blows them up, exposes them. And then they get opened again. So really, what was the bloody point?

Admittedly, the last few episodes were miles better than the rest of the series, but it still left me wondering why I had spent so long watching the series in its entirety. I could have managed by just watching the final two or three.


This confused and messy plot arc was resolved so quickly the viewer can do little more than gape at the screen, with the introduction of some kind of sci-fi thingy that looked, as many across the internet had pointed out, like an enormous diseased vulva. Don’t get me wrong, it was a perfectly good ending, but it was just a bit rushed. Like Russell T had spent eight weeks having a play around with action sequences that fit into nothing else and then thought “Oh, shit, I need to wrap this up”.

But one thing I will say for Torchwood: Miracle Day. The internet has been full of people saying how crap it was. From the very first episode my father has been saying it’s one of the worst things he’s ever seen on TV, that they’ve ruined Torchwood. I have heaped scorn on it every week since the very first. But the internet people kept watching, I was sitting on my sofa every Thursday with a tingle of anticipation, and my father said although he just wanted it to end he had to see what happened. That’s got to say something, right?


The ending, and specifically I mean what happened to Jilly and Rex, certainly sets it up for a new series that keeps the link between America and Britain firmly in place. Do I want a new series? Yes and no. I do want more Torchwood, because it holds a firm place in my heart. I love Gwen, I love Rhys, I love Andy and I love the memory of Owen, Tosh and Ianto. No matter how painfully bad this is, I’m anaesthetised by the memory of what came before. So yes, I do want more. But do I want more like this? Hell. No.

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