The Walking Dead: Season 4 catch up

This article contains Season Three spoilers in the first line. Be aware! This is a feature about Season Four though, and there are no specific spoilers. But if you don't want to know anything then don't read on.

A quick recap of Season Three to freshen memories, The Governor is off in hiding somewhere after murdering his entire crew and half of Woodbury, many series regulars died (Lorrie, Andrea, Merle, etc), there are a tonne of new arrivals at the prison, Carl shot someone, Rick cracked up, and so much more. Since we saw our Walker fighting friends last, harmony seems to have broken out… finally. But this being The Walking Dead we know it won’t last for long.

At the beginning of Season Four the new and old have integrated together, there’s a new council to run things, with dictator Rick now just councilman Rick, they’ve started a farm with pigs and vegetable, and the whole community is on the way to The Good Life. You do start to worry that it’s all going a little bit Season Two. Remember the farm? Well no need to worry, we’re quickly thrown into a bit of Walker smashing as some of the gang go on a supply run, leading to a great scene where a roof full of Walkers comes crashing down on Daryl’s group. Away from the camp Rick is off on a wander, resetting some traps or some such McGuffin, where he meets a fellow survivor. Sadly Rick’s still in melancholy overload, which is understandable as he’s not had the best time of it, but you do wish for the old Rick, the leader who made the tough choices and got in on the action.
The second episode ‘Infected’ kicks it up a notch as a section of the prison gets, um, infected. An only-just-introduced-in-episode-one character doesn’t make it and proceeds to start eating the population leading to the creation of a whole bunch of Walkers in the prison as the disease spreads. The introduction of a virulent disease adds a new horror for the survivors. Other than that there are some developments with Carol and Tyreese’s characters, and there’s finally some character development for Michonne.
We see action Rick back in full flow handing out a beat down at the start of episode three, before turning detective. This time out we get some bonding between Daryl and Michonne, more of new guy Bob, do-gooder Hershel handing out his own brand of farmhouse wisdom, and Carl trying to stay on the wagon. There’s also a great scene for Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese, including a full berserker mode from Tyreese. You’ll never hammer a nail into the wall in the same way again.
The fourth episode, 'Indifference', is all about character development again, better know as talking. We get to know Bob a little better, and there's further scenes between Tyreese, Michonne, and Daryl. And Rick and Carol continue to swap characters, with Rick's self doubting reluctant leader in danger of becoming wearing. You can sum up 'Indifference' as lots of talking, some Walker killing, whilst not really going anywhere. Until a crucial last few minutes.

So far so The Walking Dead then, and it’s a little slow for my liking. The show seems to have an issue when the main protagonists are safely holed up somewhere for a sustained period of time. The new disease is life threatening but just not that interesting, the threat of Walkers has diminished, and the gang now seem comfortable in that world. But what of the Governor?

You can watch Season Four on Fox UK, episode five has just aired and will be covered soon, episode six airs on Friday 22nd November

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