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Hello, The Walking Dead fans. Last week, we concluded that you were still an exciting drama, but also felt like a catalogue of misery with no non-miserable moments to contextualise it. This week, I hope to see the show prove me wrong and provide a range of happiness and hugging.

Then again, since the last episode ended with group leader Rick having a hallucinatory breakdown in front of his loyal subjects, probably not that likely. SPOILERS coming soon, mind your head.


Rick Grimes: Crazy Like A Goddamn Fox

Considering the endless godawful unhappiness he's endured, you can't blame Rick for getting a bit down. Everyone he loved has died, so now he can only imagine their ghosts, as his hair sticks to his head in warmer, damper tendrils. Once he's headed off to dream-see in the woods, his group of friends fall apart without him, only to forcibly reunite when that darn crazy Governor leads a bangy machine gun assault on their prison.

Yeah, can't imagine why he got a bit down. Another week waiting for the next awful thing to happen. Carol and Axl have a couple of light character scenes, so of course either one of them will die, or he'll turn out to be dangerous and do something awful to her.

And then it happens, and you can't feel that shocked (although the moment of his death itself... yeah, that was surprising), although this show does a good job making the fights remain cool. This isn't the worst ever episode of The Walking Dead by a long chalk - the ongoing Woodbury arc at least makes it feel like it might be going somewhere - but it does suffer from many of the traits of the bad ones: needless shouting, broken up only by arbitrary horror.

Elsewhere In The House Of Pain...

Oh, and the Woodbury storylines remain slow, but at least there's a feeling of change floating down. David Morrissey as The Governor continues to do a good job with an inconsistent script. The road-scenes with the Dixon brothers are more effective, perhaps because seeing them reunited still has novelty value.

My hope for the future of The Walking Dead: the group might now unite and settle for a bit, before the inevitable cataclysmic showdown in the finale. You never know. But for now... yeah, this kinda felt like angst-ridden filler.

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