The Killing III: Episodes 7-8

The penultimate week of Danish death… EVER! Whodunnit? Whytheydunnit?

The time is nearly upon us. In less than a week, the last ever episodes of The Killing will air on BBC Four, leaving us with no more Danish drama to feast upon, at least until the rumoured early-2013 return of Borgen.

So, how did the penultimate double-bill set us up for next week’s finale? Do we know who the twin perpetrators are? Spoilers, obviously, so catch up on iPlayer before reading this.

Did The Butler Dun It?

Considering there are actually two episodes left, they’re moving this along quick-like. I mean, there are two hours to go, I’m telling myself “There’s gotta be more!”. Because… the butler did it? Is it meant to be an ironic statement from the Forbrydelsen folk? The solution is so obvious that it becomes clever?

But that’s skipping ahead. The bulk of these two episodes is finishing up with the set-up so the always-fun whodunnit finger pointing can finally start. Prime Minister Kristian Kamper’s disturbed son was an odd late addition to the suspect list, but I’m glad Kamper came to a decision about his alliance with the centre party, that storyline was starting to back-and-forth in a kinda samey way. (He’ll probably flip-flop on it next week.)

Sarah Lund’s personal life also comes to a head, and those scenes of her strained relationship with both Borch and her son have particular resonance when you know next week is the final episode. How will they leave things with Lund? Will she finally set aside the police so her personal life can have some space, or will we get the endless recurrence ending, in which she plods gamely on to the next mystery? And will Brix, the only supporting character to stay with us since series one (though not the very start) get an ending?

I Thinks He Didn’t Dun It

Overjoyed that Maja Zeuthern finally left her boyfriend though, he was a self-righteous pain. It’s these little victories that make it work. I still hold out hope of a happy ending for the Zeutherns, although I worry they may decide Robert must die to make things right.

So, a decent pair of episodes, especially the second one when we finally got rolling on the blame game. And it appears our two crims are… the Zeuthern’s butler and some random dude. Surely at least one more person will be revealed as an accomplice before the show ends, or perhaps the butler is a red herring and the real Louise Hjelby murderer is still out there. My One Big Prediction: I suspect the hell out of the PM’s brother Stoffer stll. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out more bad things about him.

So, that’s it. This time next week, you’ll be reading my final eulogy for The Killing. Who is the big baddie? What will become of Sarah Lund? Do you think the butler really dunnit? Thoughts below welcome as ever.

The Killing airs on BBC Four at 9PM on Saturdays, for one more week anyway. Check out The Killing BBC official site or see recent episodes on iPlayer.

Nick Bryan

Updated: Dec 09, 2012

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