Suits Season 2 - Review

Suits: an amalgamation of office politics, impossibly good-looking people and of course, lots of suits. The drama itself is surprisingly gripping; the layered characters establish themselves quickly and within the first 10 minutes you’ll be desperate to know what happens, even if you’re new to the show.

Gina Torres shines as glamorously sharp top-dog Jessica; a far cry from her tomboy look in Firefly, but as with many of her characters, she plays a strong woman who definitely means business – but this time she’s literally the head of one.

Meanwhile Gabriel Macht (Harvey) and Patrick J. Adams (Mike) as two juxtaposing personalities create both dramatic and amusing moments which keep us keen to remain a fly-on-the-wall in both their work and personal lives.

Watching the cases these lawyers face is thrilling enough, but it’s the sparks flying between co-workers that keeps us on the edge of our seat throughout this series. In particular, witnessing the Mike and Rachel will-they-won’t-they tension as it crescendos episode by episode leads to some eye-popping scenes and envy-inducing action.

If not for the drama, Suits is definitely one to watch for, rather appropriately, the suits; because in this show every New York lawyer is a snappy dresser.

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