Three weeks in to the new Poldark seems like a good time to take stock and see how the show is shaping up. Pretty darn well as it turns out. Most elements are successful, though the location scouts need to do some work to find another piece of Cornish coastline to ride horses along.
Viewers hoping to see a bit of skin from Ross Poldark, well Aiden Turner, had to wait until the third episode for their dreams to be fulfilled. Along the way though there’s been plenty to like about this most enjoyable of BBC Sunday nights dramas. After the turgid The Casual Vacancy the final night of the weekends needed perking up and the plight of Cornwall in the mining years has been done more than that.

Along with the sumptuous Cornish countryside is the sumptuous central pairing of Turner as the country gent scarred by colonial war Poldark and Eleanor Tomlinson as his maid Demelza with chemistry causing sparks between the two. The storyline is full of cads and poachers, noblemen and less than noblemen, with an undercurrent of class warfare – Poldark and Demelza are from different worlds so shouldn’t be together, or even look at each other – and money. There’s also the sight of the late Warren Clarke chewing the scenery in fine fashion as Uncle Poldark.
All told it’s an excellent drama, well shot, well acted, and well scripted. The smouldering tension between lover, former lovers, enemies, and friends keep things moving at a fair lick; definitely worth catching up on BBC iPlayer.

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