Orphan Black: Season One - Final Thoughts

The first series of BBC America clone-fest Orphan Black finished up on BBC Three last week, with a few revelations and no real ending. Thank god it was renewed for a second season really, because if it had been cancelled after all that, I'd have been pretty frustrated.

So, I've given it a few positive reviews throughout the run, what did I think of the ending? Did it disappear into that conspiracy vortex I was worried about? Opinions follow - spoilers throughout.


The Handbook Of Villains, Clones And Sundries

For me at least, the main appeal of Orphan Black was always the lives of the clones and their interactions - the various conspiracies and bad guys were just there to give them something to worry about. Still, it would've been nice if the baddies had been more interesting. So far, we've had the dodgy professor and the religious lunatic, and both of them were fairly straight out of the two dimensional villain handbook.

I did enjoy the final twists of the last episode though, as the clones sign up for their obviously-evil care package and then discover the patent wording is burnt into their DNA anyway. Interesting final moments, enough to set up an exciting second season, but if they could work up a thrilling villain to go with everything, that'd be nice.

There were several hints in the final episode that Sarah's lovable Irish foster mother was not all she seemed, and at least if she turns out to be an evil Clone Momma, that might have some kick to it. Still, some great clone angst in the final episodes, and the visual of Olivier's tail was an interesting one, even if he and his weird cyberpunk club were slightly ho-hum.

Twitch On, Twitch Off

I'm greatly enjoying the various clones and their yelling still - especially Soccer Mom Allison, whose journey from twitchy normal to twitchy unstable has been a joy to watch. Cosima had some good moments too, albeit predictable ones, and it sometimes seems like Sarah herself was in the annoying position of being the dullest character simply because she was the lead. Her foster brother Felix got some good lines.

Tatiana Maslany's acting throughout remains impressive - yes, the English accent still needs work, but particularly when playing some of the more off-beam clones like Helena and the final corporate-clone, she does a lot of cool transformations.

So, a summation of Orphan Black season one - enjoyed the banter and silly attempts by the heroines to cover their tracks, episode six in particular was a masterpiece of farce, shame the actual clone conspiracy plot itself was a bit off-the-shelf but they can fix that whilst expanding on it in season two, which I'll definitely be watching.

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