No Spoilers! Doctor Who 7×03 – A Town Called Mercy

The TARDIS crew visit the Wild West…

Doctor Who series seven is shaping up to be a cracker, we’ve had one great and one good episode so far and the much trailed A Town Called Mercy doesn’t disappoint. It’s a surprising shift in tone again this week, while Dinosaurs on a Spaceship had a dark undercurrent, Mercy is more transparently serious, seeing the Doctor (and others) wrestle with some real moral dilemmas.

Written by Being Human creator, Toby Whithouse (his fourth Who story, his last being last year’s very good The God Complex), we’re back to story-of the-week territory – there is definitely a thread running through the current run, but as with the previous two episodes this one can be taken as a standalone with no difficulty.

Guest star this week is Ben Browder, previously of Farscape and Stargate SG-1, this time he’s playing a slightly more down to earth character. Checking off another sci-fi series on his ever growing resume, Browder puts in a very good performance – one of his best. Matt and Karen also continue their fine work while Arthur Darvill has a little less to do than usual; he’s as good as always though.

A Town Called Mercy looks fantastic. Shot on location in Spain, the production values are top-notch giving the impression of a FAR bigger budget than the BBC has to play with. It’s a cracking story too – possibly the best so far this year and is remarkably tense with some genuine surprises. The Doctor is obviously a man struggling and we wonder more than ever whether there are going to be big implications from the events in the series opener.

You’re all in for a treat on Saturday!

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 10, 2012

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