Mob City: Season 1 round-up (episodes 3-6)

Spoilers ahead - Fox plans to show Mob City in the UK from the 17th January 2014 so read no further if you wish to wait


Well, at the end of the opening double header of Mob City, we had come to know that Detective Joe Teague (Jon Bernthal) would do anything for love bar being a dirty cop. He would shoot comedian Hecky dead for getting his ex-missus, Jasmine Fontana, into trouble with mobster Bugsy Siegel, he would cover this up from his cop friends but he would turn down the pay-off offered by Siegel for ridding him of blackmailers. This former war hero was an enigma fighting for a woman who had already moved on, his best efforts not really enough to keep her from harm.

We rejoin the action with Teague's squad chasing down the murder of two stoolies by Sid Rothman, the excellent Robert Knepper. With witnesses and in the middle of a crowded restaurant, Chief Parker ignores the request from his nominal but corrupt boss to leave the case alone and is soon chasing down the employee who fingered the two men to the mob. Sid and his accomplice are forced underground, Bugsy is arrested, and a gang war breaks out in his absence. Sid twigs that his informant needs to disappear but Teague rescues him and turns him into their prime witness against Rothman and Siegel.imageMeanwhile, Fontana is being menaced for the blackmail funds by Hecky's silent partner and is forced to first, borrow from Joe, and then steal the negatives confirming Siegel's guilt from him. He has more trouble coming his way when Sid decides to torture the witness' location off him, and actually twigs why Joe is messed up in all this. His work is done for him by others when the safe house is stormed and the witness killed, learning this Rothman gives himself up to the police after trying to blackmail Joe onto his payroll.

Which gets us to the rip-roaring finale. Where Hecky's blackmailing accomplice is ambushed by Rothman, where Joe admits his role in Hecky's death to Jasmine and where Bugsy does all he needs to ensure that his carcass will be riddled with bullets by story's end. With Micky now in charge and it clear that Siegel's killer needs catching, will Joe have killed twice for love of a woman who doesn't even care? Will Chief Parker chase down the rest of the gang and clean up the police top-down? Well, hopefully this is what season 2 will be for.imageNot sure if TNT will commission more Mob City but it should. Bernthal takes advantage of his lead role with a pugnacious, physical performance where he puts out the fires surrounding his love with gasoline and bullets. As for the others, Darabont regulars deliver solid support and Knepper is terrific as the sharpest sociopath in town. The production is lovely, great locations and sets, and a beautiful score from Mark Isham. Season 2 would flesh things out more and give us the reckoning between Teague and Rothman that seems so well set up with the conclusion here.

Fox will show Mob City in January 2014



out of 10

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