Love/Hate – This ain’t Father Ted

Wondering where Robert Sheehan went after Misfits? Want to get into lesser-known Irish TV? Look no further!

Haven’t heard of Love/Hate? Don’t worry, no one outside of Ireland has. The 16 episode long story of a gang of Dublin drug dealers and how petty jealousies and insecurities are ripping them apart.

As with most gangster tales it starts with a bullet. Well, more than one, pumped into the chest of a young man over a debt of a few hundred euros. All hell kicks off from here. Over the course of 3 short seasons, the repercussions of this act play out in storylines involving infidelity, heroin abuse, extreme violence, way too much beer and that mainstay of Irish television and cinema: the IRA.

The show marks a gritty departure from the norm of Irish television. The genteel humour of Father Ted and Ballykissangel is nowhere to be seen.

The cast is mostly unknown but British viewers will recognise Robert Sheehan of Misfits fame, who plays the anti-hero Darren, and Aiden Gillen, from The Wire and Game Of Thrones, who plays the exceedingly paranoid gang leader John Boy.

I have no idea if Love/Hate will be shown on British TV in the future, but no worries, as the DVD set of all 3 series is due out on Monday 17th of December.

Ronan O'Meara

Updated: Dec 05, 2012

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