House: Season 8 – Midway Review And Ending Predictions

It was recently announced that season eight will be the last for House, the show that took knockabout English comedian Hugh Laurie and turned him into a brooding American junkie doctor.

Meanwhile, back in Laurie’s home country, Sky hit the halfway point of the final run last week, so this seems a good time to both check in with House and take some wild guesses about how the whole saga might end.

Fair Warning: I will be spoiling the big plot event in episode 11, so don’t scroll past this image if you don’t want to know.

In fact, episode 11 was a huge turning point for this review. If not for that one, and the announcement of the series ending, my opinion wouldn’t have changed much from this piece I wrote after seeing the first three episodes. (Namely: “Watchable, slick, well-characterised, but hard to get excited about”.)

And then, at last, we saw some proper drama strike the regular cast, rather than light-hearted noodling to pass the time and undo the season seven cliffhanger. Jeffrey Wright gave an intense guest appearance and, of course, something a bit lame happened to long-term character Chase.

It was about time they gave Jesse Spencer a meaty storyline, to be honest; he’s not really had one since Chase’s marriage collapsed two years ago. Hopefully this is the beginning of genuine tension, one last chance for House to finally come undone. Or, of course, we could go back to casual fun next week, the only difference being that Chase is on crutches.

But the show is really ending, so this is their opportunity to push the boundaries of the eternally recurring House formula. Here are some ideas about where they might go with it:

  • Happy ending. Seems unlikely, considering House tossed away his chance for earned redemption last year, but you never know. This is American network TV.

  • House dies/goes back to prison/retires and Chase takes over as Embittered Doc With Serious Injury. This one seems a lot more plausible. There may even be a spin-off show in it: Chase. No?

  • House switches off Thirteen’s life support. Olivia Wilde is meant to be doing a return guest appearance, so this may appear somewhere.

  • The “life goes on” ending; these are annoyingly popular. It looks like something big might happen, but it doesn’t and, with a knowing grin, House walks off into the sunset with his team to solve the next case.

  • A massive apocalypse where the hospital blows up and half the cast die. The fire was probably started by House tearing the place apart for drugs.

The last guess might be wishful thinking. Nonetheless, the possibilities are (kinda) endless. How are you liking the last season of House? More to the point, what are your hopes and expectations for the ending?

House airs at 10PM on Thursdays on Sky1. More information on Sky's official site.

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