Homeland: 3.07 - Gerontion - Review

Homeland! People talking! In 2D! Last week's episode featured a double-murder scene more graphic and red-raw than we usually see in this show, so it was always going to be hard going to challenge that - and indeed, they don't try to top it here. After all, Homeland is in the middle of trying to prove to us they're a serious psychological spy thriller. Two action scenes in as many weeks would go against the goal.

So what do we have instead? More below, watch the episode on 4OD first if need be.


No Idea Is Good Ideas

Although there wasn't anything as breathtaking as Javardi executing his ex-wife this week, all the interesting moving parts kept on their paths. The Saul/Javardi interview scenes were pleasingly intense, playing off their history and allowing a mega-load of meaningful glances. Net result being, I have no idea what the villain's going to do next or where the plot is going, which is what these big adult dramas should be aiming for, I think.

But based on Javardi's final scenes with Carrie, I guess the focus is going back to Brody? We're zeroing back in on the question of Did Brody Blow Up The CIA?, and although I hope the bomber's true identity is someone interesting (Dar Adal, maybe?), I'm not sure watching Carrie pursue the truth about this with her usual steely obsession is what I'm after. Saul's ongoing descent into moral complexity is far more exciting.

Nonetheless, Brody had to be brought back in somehow (still impressed with how long they've left him out), and I guess this quest of Carrie's will lead there eventually. This week, they finally gave up trying to shoehorn Brody's family back into it, at least.

Bad Karma's A Killer

Quinn being "caught" for the murders was a decent twist - these CIA guys have to be fallible occasionally - and it also led to a good showdown between him and a policeman. Quinn's arc has been interesting all year, in fact, and it positions him as a good opposite number to Saul's increasing willingness to do anything, but surely he's going to die at the end of it? These crises of conscience never end well.

Carrie's pregnancy makes her vomit at a crime scene. Is the baby Brody's? Shouldn't she be further along by now if it is? To be honest, I'm more captivated by Saul's relationship angst than Carrie's, but good luck to her, still. Please don't let the outcome be too boring or silly. Speaking of silliness - that Senator is a bit of a cartoon villain, isn't he? Enjoyed Saul's takedown of him, but still - in the nuanced world of the CIA, he stands alone as a paper man.

Another week of decent Homeland, and although I'm not quite as UP on the show as I was after last episode, they're still doing interesting things with their plot and putting the onus on intense scenes and good acting rather than breakneck plot twists. Five episodes to go - how long can they last without bringing in Brody?

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