Him & Her: Series 2 – Final Review

Him & Her series 2 is over. Was it as good as the last one? And how Christmassy is their Christmas special?

When last I covered the BBC’s Him & Her, a sitcom about romantic claustrophobia, it was a slightly over-enthusiastic piece in about how fun and life-affirming it was, sweet and warm despite all the farting. And back then, I’d only seen the first episode of the new series.

Having watched the entire thing, including the approaching finale, happily I feel much the same. Everyone continues as normal: the action still rarely leaves Steve and Becky’s flat. That one episode with a large chunk taking place in the hall felt like a revelation.

Our heroes are still relentlessly charming. It’s possible that we’d find their self-involvement annoying in real life; these are people who watch an old lady fall down the stairs, give each other a look and mutter “Can we just step over her?”.

But (and it’s probably a credit to Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani’s acting), somehow we still love them. Not to mention the other cast, especially Kerry Howard as Becky’s sister Laura, a pure monstrosity, providing most of the brilliantly awful moments.

The one slight hiccup in an otherwise smooth run came around episode five, which I would link to on iPlayer, except it was pulled a few days after broadcast, and scheduled repeats did not air. I haven’t found any reports of complaints, but there were sex offender jokes and a small child yelling about his “boner”. Hopefully it’ll still be on the DVD.

I won’t dissect the finale at length, but ready yourself for more emotional weight than usual. Also, the least meaningful “Christmas” reference in history. After getting so used to the way Steve and Becky interact in earlier episodes, it becomes obvious, even sad, when things start to change. It was very well-constructed, still funny, but perhaps not as joyful.

Which, all told, adds up to another strong series of Him & Her. Pleasantly, it’s already been renewed for a third series too. Check out the episodes on iPlayer while you still can and if anyone knows the answer to the mystery of episode five’s disappearance, do comment.

Nick Bryan

Updated: Dec 13, 2011

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