Girls Seasons 1 & 2 - Review

Most modern day young people know that life is not as easy as it might seem on shows like Gossip Girl: we don’t all look and live like the dramatic elite of Manhattan, and we definitely don’t all have the money for designer clothes and shoes. So what’s it really like to be a 20-something in New York (or anywhere for that matter)?

HBO’s Girls addresses this question with a raw, uncensored glimpse into what real life is like for frumpy wannabe journalist Hannah (played by the show’s creator, Lena Dunham) and her friends, whether it’s boyfriends, abortions or sticking a q-tip too far into your ear, Girls provides a gritty reality to situations which are too often romanticised by Hollywood.

These girls aren’t too modest to shy away from the most intimate of situations, you see absolutely everything – and I mean everything - there’s a reason this show is certified 18. It’s cleverly done by Dunham though, as it’s more like watching an awkward situation happen from behind a two-way mirror, where the only reaction is to cringe and laugh simultaneously.

Even if you don’t live in New York, there’s definitely a character in Girls that every young Westerner can identify with. Perfectionist and constant achiever Marnie has a secure job and boyfriend; that is, until he discovers how “bored” she is of him. Free spirit Jessa provides a perfect example of a fun but unreliable friend, and naive virgin Shoshanna constantly presents her vulnerability to others through her endearing constant chattering.

The show also hosts a slapdash of regular male leads in the form of Hannah’s crazed and confused love interest, Marnie’s boyfriend Charlie and his unambitious best friend Ray along with a few other guys who come and go into the girls’ lives throughout the series. We watch these distinct yet somehow incredibly familiar characters and how they try, fail and succeed (not necessarily in that order) with their professional and private lives, feeling as if we’ve been with them every step of the way; perhaps that’s because the majority of their experiences, mistakes and achievements have been done already by someone you know, or even yourself.

So regardless of whether you’re a Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, Shoshanna, Adam, Charlie or Ray, there’s a character in Girls for everyone. And if not, it’s worth a watch for the hilariously real awkward moments; because strangely enough this show is a lot more real than much so-called “reality” TV currently on our screens.




out of 10

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