Game of Thrones 3.07 ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ – Review

Bringing to life the Westeros song of ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’, in this episode we see a tough but tired Brienne of Tarth attempting to take on a bear, much to the amusement of her captors, whilst Jaime Lannister is set free. Surprisingly enough Jaime attempts to save her, proving himself as our new favourite Lannister; because aside from his newly revealed humanity, we just haven’t seen enough of Tyrion recently.

This may be because everything we’ve been seeing of King’s Landing has been a whirlwind of power plays between the King, his family and his counsel. Although really, do we expect anything different from the capital by this point? Not really. Still, we’re gradually being given hints towards Tywin Lannister’s personality as he is given plenty more screen time this season. In this episode, we see a stoney exchange between him and fan un-favourite King Joffrey which demonstrates just how lacking in common sense this teen King really is, and consequently just who is really ruling the 7 Kingdoms. What we’re all waiting to see though is how Joffrey’s marriage to Margaery is going to affect this; will she be able to out-smart the vastly experienced Lannister patriarch in manipulating Joffrey?

Thankfully we see more of Daenerys in this episode as she challenges the Yunkai to free their slaves whilst they offer her ships for her to leave. As expected from the unmovable Khaleesi though, she doesn’t budge and it looks like we’ll be seeing some gruesome battles in the coming episode as Yunkai rebels against her invasion. One things for sure, there’ll definitely be some epic scenes with those dragons; they’re quickly growing and demonstrating some believable CGI from the show’s makers.

The most striking scene this week (literally) is Theon Greyjoy’s harassment by his mystery torturer. The web of this mystery villain is vastly being woven as his tortures become more inventive and cringe-worthy to behold. Just what state will Theon be left in after this ordeal is over, that is, assuming it will eventually end? Outstanding acting from both Alfie Allen (Theon) and Iwan Rheon (mystery torturer) induce empathy for poor Theon, despite his horrific crimes last season. We’re definitely left intrigued for further details surrounding this unknown man, specifically, just why he is so intent on making Theon’s life a misery.



out of 10

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