Game of Thrones 3.06 ‘The Climb’ – Review

As we plunge further into season 3, the tone of Game of Thrones delves into much darker territory.

First of all, a stand-off between malignant Tywin Lannister and tough grandma Olenna Tyrell sets us up for a tumble into troublesome events. Watching them slash their words against each other like swords is excellent viewing which keeps us twitching to see who’ll win. Judging from poor Sansa Stark’s face at the end of the episode, it was Tywin who got what he wanted.

Meanwhile we start to sympathise with the man who was once a murderous monster, Theon Greyjoy, now being tortured by a mystery assailant in an unknown location. The lack of comprehension of just who and why this man is doing what he is, aside from pure maliciousness, is intriguing – and rather chilling. Faultless acting though from Iwan Rheon (Misfits Simon) as this unidentified cruel stranger.

Whilst we’re used to the ever compulsory banterous exchanges between Varys and Littlefinger, this week the rug is swept out from under us as we discover just how fatal their power play really is when informer and established character Ros is given to Joffrey and is, unsurprisingly, vindictively murdered by him.

Finally, we’re filled with dread as Jon Snow and Ygritte climb The Wall in a scene which provides gripping performance amidst fantastical landscaping and weather effects; we really felt like we were climbing that epic ice wall with them. Rather predictably though, their plan to just “climb to the top” didn’t go as smoothly as they planned.

This week’s gloomy events are nicely juxtaposed with the romanticised closing scene of Jon and Ygritte staring out beyond The Wall as the series once again demonstrates its impeccable settings and (one assumes) CGI. All that snow and ice did highlight the absence of Daenerys in this episode though, so we’re keen to see more of her next week along with hopefully a few more jokes – Tyrion has been far too serious of late.



out of 10
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