Game of Thrones: 3.02 - 'Dark Wings, Dark Words' - Review

This episode worked as an eager addition to this season’s first, giving us an insight into the happenings of our other favourite characters and thereby answering - and posing - yet more queries into the exceptionally complex game of thrones.

Most notably this episode: we finally discover what’s going on with some of the key unseen characters we missed last week. Bran and Rickon Stark managed to escape Theon’s rule of Winterfell before the Ironborn put it to the torch and are now trekking towards the Wall for safety, although it’s fairly evident that their journey will be neither quick nor easy.

Ironborn Theon Greyjoy himself, however, has not been so lucky. We’re given a cringe-inducing viewing of his torture after he has been captured, making this an episode, as I found out, not to be watched during dinner (although really, so are most Game of Thrones episodes).

Another previously unseen character this season was Arya Stark, who we now find moving towards Riverrun, home of her mother Catelyn Stark (previously Tully)’s family, with her fellow Harrenhall escapees Gendry and Hot Pie. Yet again, though, within 2 minutes we see them run into a hitch; in Arya’s case, something which is almost always inevitable, but this one brings some intriguing storyline potential with an unanticipated twist.

Elsewhere, we pick up a little of the Jaime Lannister / Brienne of Tarth banter, where Jaime starts to reveal a different side to the cutting Kingslayer attitude we are so used to. The definitive highlight this week though has to be the intensely sexually charged exchange between King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell. Discussing her sexual relations with previous husband Renly Baratheon, Margaery begins touching Joffrey’s crossbow weapon, and asks him to show her how he uses it. Despite being slightly cringe-worthy to watch because the innuendo is so cliché, it’s also fairly giggle-inducing because Joffrey is so unnerved about how to act.

This episode satisfies in following up many leads which began last series, however the small appearance of Tyrion and lacking of Daenerys appearances altogether leave a little disappointment in the belly, particularly after last week’s cliff-hanger. Instead though, this sets up next week’s action to be all the more juicy.



out of 10

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