Doctor Who: Time Heist Preview – A Slick Crime Caper With A Doctor Who Twist

A sneak preview of the next Doctor Who episode offers a very different caper to the chills of last week…

After last week’s chills, this week’s Doctor Who delivers something altogether different. The trailers haven’t done this episode justice, It’s a slick crime caper with a timey-wimey twist; imagine Oceans Eleven set on an alien planet and you’re half way there.

It doesn’t have the impact of last week’s episode but there’s still masses to enjoy, particularly the continued interplay between Clara and the Doctor. There’s a monster too which kids are sure to be talking about in the playground on Monday morning. If you’re missing the boundless energy of series seven Doctor Who, then this might be right up your street, though it doesn’t have the pacing flaws that series had.

Time Heist is Sherlock writer Stephen Thompson’s third contribution to Doctor Who and its by far his best work. He’s clearly influenced by Steven Moffat’s clever use of time travel in the show and it’s used to great effect to elevate this already fun bank heist tale. He also adds some great mystery to the story- perhaps the first real chance to use his Sherlock experience – and it bubbles along nicely with a satisfying reveal.

The standard has been strong this year and there’s no sign of a slump yet. Saturday night is going to give audiences another winner!


Updated: Sep 16, 2014

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