Doctor Who: Night of the Doctor spoiler-filled review

We never thought we'd get to see it - Paul McGann's FINAL appearance as the Eighth Doctor. We always thought that was one regeneration that was cruelly denied to us; but thanks to the subterfuge of Steven Moffat (HE LIED!), we finally get to find out exactly what brings about the end of the most overlooked of the Doctor's incarnations.

Mini-episodes usually don't warrant a full review on TDF, but Night of the Doctor is different because not only does it bring closure to one era, it also answers more questions in its six minutes than most series of Doctor Who manage in their entirety. We see McGann's regeneration, we now know WHICH regeneration John Hurt's Doctor is and we also now know that Eccleston, Tennant and Smith are all one regeneration further along the Doctor's timeline than we previously were led to believe.

If there's one bad thing about this final appearance of number eight, it's the fact that we haven't had a chance to see more of his adventures on the small screen. BBC - if you're reading this (who are we kidding!) - we would LOVE to see some of our licence fee paying for a full series of Paul McGann's adventures in the TARDIS. And, if you're able to bring Sheridan Smith along for the ride; if not, find a way of resurrecting Emma Campbell-Jones' Cass, as we reckon she'd be a good full-time companion.

Night of the Doctor is easily the best Doctor Who 'episode' we've seen since it returned in 2005 - and we don't say this lightly. It puts almost everything Steven Moffat has written since 'Blink' to shame and has got us more excited than we thought possible for the potential that Day of the Doctor now holds. It's an exciting time to be a Doctor Who fan - we just hope that what comes next keeps up the momentum.




out of 10

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