Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks – Review

The return of the Doctor – is it everything we dreamed?

There are going to be spoilers, here, so unless you’ve seen it I wouldn’t read any further. You have been warned. Go and watch it on iPlayer, go on. We’ll wait.

So, the first episode of the seventh series of Doctor Who. The Daleks need the Doctor’s help, Amy and Rory’s relationship is in tatters and a mysterious babe is helping the Doctor navigate through a labyrinth of insane Dalkes. How was it?

We all knew that these episodes, the ones that make up the first half of series seven, are the final few we get with Rory and Amy. Considering that in their first two series they were engaged, then Rory died so Amy killed herself for Rory, then Rory ceased to exist, then Amy created a plastic Rory, then Amy died and was locked inside a prison which Rory guarded for 2000 years, then they got married, then Rory died again, then Amy had their baby, then Rory travelled the universe dressed as a Roman in order to rescue Amy and the baby, then their baby is stolen from them, then Amy waited 36 years for Rory and went a bit batshit, then they settled down with a house and a car, and then Amy couldn’t remember Rory but Rory fancied her and their daughter got married…it didn’t seem like there were many more ways The Moff could explore or develop their relationship.

But he found a way, and he did it jolly well. It was predictable that they would get back together, but I didn’t expect the fight and the resolution to come about the way they did. Rory finally admitting what we all think — that the Pond relationship is based on the fact that he loves her more than she loves him — and Amy respond with hurt incredulity was surprisingly powerful. It’s always emotional when Amy admits that she loves Rory (See also: Amy’s Choice).

The fact that Amy can’t have children is also heartbreaking, and I’m not ashamed to say I was crying during that exchange. However, if this storyline isn’t resolved with the Doctor taking Amy to a planet full of nanogenes who’ll be able to fix her baby-making machinery up in nanoseconds, I’ll be cross. It’s just the easiest way to fix it and something the Doctor would think of.

The star of the episode was Oswin, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman who is going to be playing the new companion. Having never seen Jenna in anything before, I’m now really excited for her taking over as her acting here was superb and Oswin was a wonderful character. Now we just have to see whether the new companion is Oswin in an earlier life or if they’re going to do a Addy/Gwyneth and Martha/Gwen thing, and have her back as a relative or something. I hope it’s Oswin, as the relationship between her and the Doctor worked really well and it would be interesting to see him travelling with someone as clever as he is.

Whilst Amy/Rory and Oswin were the highlights of the episode, the whole thing was excellent. Suitably actiony for a series premiere and very enjoyable. The twist where the Daleks can’t remember the Doctor should make for a few interesting and new Dalek episodes — which can only be a good thing as they’ve been a bit repetitive recently.

All in all, a strong start to the series. Or do you totally disagree? Let us know in the comments.

Amy Jones

Updated: Sep 02, 2012

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