Disney Life Review – an all-in Disney streaming service for less than £10 per month

Disney Life – is it the ultimate streaming experience for Disney fans?

With TV increasingly moving away from broadcast and onto online streaming services we’re beginning to see channel specific platforms to compete with the bigger generic networks such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. With services from BFI, Pathe, Curzon and more alongside the free-to-stream options catch-up options of the terrestrial broadcasters it’s a crowded market.

Disney Life is the latest attempt at bringing a specialised streaming service to market – aimed squarely at younger viewers it features a huge array of classic Disney-produced content from Marvel films, classic animation through to modern kids TV from Disney Junior, Disney XD and the Disney Channel – it’s pretty comprehensive but in many cases incomplete – instead of full series, you’ll just get a sprinkling of seasons and that isn’t really good enough.

The service is available on Android and iOS platforms via the Disney Life and it’s one of the few streaming services on Android TV so owners of the Nexus Player or nVidia Shield will be happy to have another source of content to add to their devices. This is all great if you have a device that IS supported, but not everyone has Android TV and not everyone wants to watch on a phone or tablet. Unfortunately, to date, there are no Smart TV apps for Disney Life (other than for TVs that have Android TV built in) and even the likes of the Fire TV and Roku streaming devices don’t have a suitable app. Similarly, no consoles have Disney Life apps yet. Even more worrying we had loads of trouble getting the dedicated Android TV app to work on our Nexus Player and it’s recently stopped working again – this isn’t a problem we’ve seen with other apps on that platform.

Then there’s the price – £9.99 a month – that’s more than Netflix, more than Now TV movies or entertainment, more than Amazon Prime – it’s one of the more expensive services on the market and you can get a lot of the content on other platforms – so almost all of the films are available on NowTV and many are on Netflix and Amazon too. The only real trump card is it’s the only place you can legitimately get access to Disney Junior and Disney XD content outside of Sky TV and Virgin Media – basically, if you’re a parent with young kids, these two Disney channels remain at a premium and this is disappointing.

Disney Life has LOADS of potential, but the cost is too high and coupled with the lacking device support and app instability is inexcusable and suggests a product rushed onto the market without enough support. Compared to other streaming platforms it’s expensive and understocked – NowTV Kids is £2.99 per month! There are various free trials around so we strongly suggest you make use of one of these before considering paying for this.

You can sign up for a free trial here.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 22, 2016

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