Broadchurch: 1.07 - Review

Right, this is the penultimate Broadchurch, so you best believe shit is gonna go down in rural England.

Well, we're getting a few lesser plotlines out of the way anyway, so that next week, we can all focus good and hard on the mystery of just who killed poor dead Danny. And we'll be spoiling every intense moment of it, so watch the episode first on ITV Player if this troubles you.


Some Broad Questions

Want to know the full story behind DI Hardy's Sanbrook secrets? Want to know what's up with Pauline Quirke? Want to see a comically large dog get threatened with a tiny knife? All that and more!

Although, to be honest, they could all easily be lying. Will DI Hardy survive the next episode, or will his health problems finally take him out? Could the Latimer family ever know happiness again? Did DI Miller's son kill another kid, and if so, will she be okay with that? Yeah, the trouble with reviewing penultimate episodes is you mostly get left with questions.

But this is a well executed almost-climax, bringing a number of storylines to the boil and keeping the tension going, carefully dropping new nuggets with sufficient dexterity to keep us listening to every word. This is probably the best episode of Broadchurch yet, to be honest - and my theory about why: this show isn't always great at doing "casual" or "normal" dialogue, it always sounds awkward or like they're blurting out their character brief.

A Broader Future?

However, big tense dramatic moments? Showdowns? Revelations? Yeah, they're good at them, and at this point in the story, that's fine. The Tennant/Colman tension is working nicely, to the extent that I'd happily watch them solve another mystery, and surely ITV will be up for future series, since this one seems to have done quite nicely in terms of ratings and viewer feedback? But surely they'd need to relocate, there can't be that many mysteries to solve in this one village? Then again, they do have a lot of secrets to go around.

So, yeah, this is a positive review, well done Broadchurch. Last theories on whodunnit: the show wants us to think Danny died in a hunting accident with Miller's son and his Dad's mate Nige, then Nige disposed of the body. With another hour to go, I'm expecting a twist in the tale, but not sure what it will be. Maybe Will Mellor's weird psychic accidentally set a tiger on them?

And while I'm here, are his psychic powers going to be debunked in the finale, or will we be left thinking he really is a ghost-talker? Because must admit, not a huge fan of ghosts in otherwise straight TV shows. Supernatural tomfooloery aside, bravo Broadchurch. Looking forward to next week's conclusion.

Broadchurch airs 9PM Monday on ITV, for one more week anyway. See the latest episode on ITV Player. Can they maybe kill off just one more character to keep my bloodlust sated? But preferably not David Tennant? Ta.

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