Broadchurch: 1.06 - Review

I'd been getting jaded in the face of Broadchurch lately - it faced the problem many murder mysteries hit in the middle of their run: why should we care about any of this, when only the last two episodes will matter? Even the almighty The Killing suffered from this a bit, although mostly dealt with it by having such a complex cast with their own problems that we got distracted from the lack of progress in the case itself.

But we're well into the home stretch now, and seeing real movement in the case of "Who killed that kid, and why and how?". The show is so busy with that, it doesn't even do many of its signature riffs on the evils of trial-by-media. So, good episode? Spoilers, obviously, episode available on ITV Player if this bothers you.


Go back to sleep, Broadchurch!

This week, there are two major notes to hit: firstly, the funeral of poor dead Jack from last week. Apparently the newspapers have learnt their lesson after last week's lecture, as they hide in the background - hell, the two local journos even get some intrepid reporter scenes whilst investigating Susan Wright. Standard laws of drama suggest they'll be made to pay for taking off on their own.

Anyway, the funeral scene provides a moment of stark realisation for everyone - too much hysteria over the murder, best try getting back to normal. Even the Latimers, who can't normally last five minutes without a breakdown, seem comparatively stable. I really enjoyed Beth Latimer's scene with the Sandbrook mother, and I'm not usually that bothered by her parts.

However, Daddy Latimer's business partner is looking increasingly shifty. Why was he crossbowing that dog at the end?

Vicar, Stranger Or Both

Which brings us to the other main component of the episode: Pauline Quirke's trailer outcast and Arthur Darvill's vicar emerging as the two lead suspects, along with more hints about the role DS Miller's son might have played. There's still two episodes left, so will it end up being some combination of those three? I must admit, they are my best guesses for whodunnit - if it isn't one of them, it's going to require some heavy explaining.

As you might be able to tell, I'm more into the mystery now - it's good to see some momentum, and as David Tennant's detective becomes more and more unsteady looking, we have to ask: maybe he isn't up to it after all? Perhaps because this episode put the focus squarely on the cast members I like, this was a good ramping up of the tension, and I am eager to see where Broadchurch goes with this in the final two weeks.

Broadchurch continues to air at 9PM Mondays on ITV, check it out on ITV Player now. Kids killing kids? Would ITV go that way?

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