Broadchurch: 1.05 – Review

The media step up their campaign against good and truth in Broadchurch this week!

Another week in the tabloid-driven darkness of Broadchurch, and things are starting to get dark and complex. You can tell because even the cartoonishly evil national newspaper journo has started to feel pangs of conscience. Everyone has a secret, but for the first time, everyone also has a suspect. Whatever next?

Misery, obviously. Spoilers, so watch the episode first.

Burn All The Newspapers!

David Bradley’s lurk-prone newsagent has been outed as a convicted sex offender, and now the locals are out for blood. We’re over the halfway mark now, so the odd behaviour of characters might start to be meaningful, rather than a red herring – however, Bradley’s character started too early, and sure enough, he wasn’t a real suspect in the murder, just a cautionary tale about trial by media.

This is clearly a pet point of Broadchurch, and they’re really nailing it to the wall this week – still not convinced the national news have taken this long to get involved though. Have the slightest doubt that newspapers are evil? They’ll set you at rest. To be honest, based on this episode, the only thematically correct ending would be to discover that the young journo killed Danny in order to set himself up for a big exclusive.

But assuming that isn’t true, Pauline Quirke is starting to seem too obvious a suspect too, and although the policewoman’s son is behaving oddly, I can’t believe this show would go “child kills other child”, it’s not that dark. Maybe Arthur Darvill’s vicar is the murderer – he is being far too damn nice.

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad!

Outside of the whodunnit, things are slowing down midway – this little “Media is evil” diversion was mostly a one-off episode to remove one suspect from the equation, it seems. Still, keeps things moving along, and I am curious to see how this all ends. Aside from that, all the usual critiques apply – Tennant/Colman material good, random villagers material middling, camerawork pretty.

And only three weeks left, so will we see real movement next week? Will the killer be revealed at the end of the penultimate episode, with one of the police trapped alone in their house? So many questions, imminent answers…

Broadchurch airs Mondays at 9PM on ITV, see the latest episode on ITV Player. Maybe it was society as a whole who killed poor Danny…

Nick Bryan

Updated: Apr 03, 2013

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