Broadchurch: 1.03 – Review

Did Daddy do it? It’s our first real suspect in ITV’s Tennant-starring murder mystery.

Alright. Another week in Broadchurch, and if you’re watching it, you know what that means: blunt dialogue and slow-motion shots of village life. Broody David Tennant and put-out Olivia Colman. Sad family members and evil journalists.

But is it a good episode? How far does the investigation progress? Spoilers may happen – watch the episode on ITV Player if you fear them.


This week’s episode tackles the cliffhanger from last time, in which Mark Latimer (father of murdered child) attracted suspicion by being unable to account for his movements on the night of the murder, and having his fingerprints at the crime scene. Well, at least one of those problems is now partially resolved: he was just having an affair. That’s fine then.

In a series as soapy as Broadchurch, I suppose if he wasn’t the killer, another woman is the obvious option. But the reveal is done well, emotions during this episode are heightened enough for the overwrought dialogue to seem less jarring. Still, does anyone in this village have anything to say beyond statements of their feelings on the Latimer murder?

I mean, there’s no shame if not. Some people just have no lives.

“David Tennant’s Character Ruined My Life!” – Olivia Colman’s Character

The relationship between our two main detectives, meanwhile, is turning bitter, as Olivia Colman’s Miller grows furious with Hardy (Daivd Tennant) for shattering her peaceful village existence and proving that everyone is a bastard, before asking to use her son in a reconstruction. That seemed a little weird, but nonetheless, the scenes involving either or both of those two are the best part of the show for me.

The hinting around Hardy’s big secret is reaching critical mass though. A reveal in the next week or two would be good, as otherwise it’s getting blatant that everyone is simply talking around it because THE VIEWERS CAN’T YET KNOW.

Nonetheless, this latest Broadchurch had more focus and less sag than last week, so fair enough. Considering they can’t yet start revealing the real killer, this is the part where they need to feint convincingly to keep our interest, and so far, so alrightish. I do wish they’d stop wheeling out the psychics though.

Broadchurch continues to air 9PM Mondays on ITV. Catch up on ITV Player. THEORY UPDATE: starting to think it was Pauline Quirke now.

Nick Bryan

Updated: Mar 19, 2013

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