Banshee Season 2 Final Catch-up (eps 8-10)

Run Rabbit, run Rabbit…

Spoliers ahead if you haven’t seen season 2 of Banshee

Where we left you was that Sheriff Hood was mighty miffed that former Amish psychopath Proctor had fed his fake son through his mincer. Convinced to try lawful methods of catching his man, Hood had beaten some clues out of neo-Nazis and emotionally blackmailed a stripper. Not content with these procedural irregularities, he then broke in to Proctor’s basement and discovered a small arsenal before lying to get a search warrant.Well, that’s when things really started to get messed up. Hood co-opted Chief Longshadow into his plan and seemed to have all the cards in his fake cop hands. Meanwhile, in the big city Joe has discovered where Rabbit is hiding but his efforts get him caught and somewhat hospitalised when he barely escapes. Whilst, whilst well Emmet’s wife is targeted by the Neo-Nazis and loses her baby…

Unsurprisingly the chain of custody for these three neanderthals becomes somewhat compromised when Emmet gives the police station receptionist the night off and then proceeds to kill and maim the murderers of his unborn child. This being Sheriff Hood’s patch, such things can be swept under the mountainous carpet of misdeeds, and is quickly forgotten when Hood and Carrie go to save Joe’s skin and have a reckoning with Rabbit.Proctor’s henchman is soon on the trail of the disloyal stripper whilst his comely niece takes a vigorous and common interest in Longshadow’s nocturnal activities but the finale is all about Rabbit. With much flashback we get the background on Hood’s original arrest, Rabbit’s betrayal and the mechanics that led to it. Then, well we get the guns, lots and lots of guns and Orthodox priests and sub machine guns and impossible, odd and improbable rescues, and an end, an end to the chase.

Yet there’s more to do. Emmet is gunned down, Longshadow murdered by Rebecca mid-coitus, Proctor liberated and an old enemy on his way back to town. This and Hood’s daughter now knows the truth…Heck how do these people get away with all this stuff? How does the town of Banshee survive endless civil wars, racist murders and incest and sickening violence and rigorous endless horizontal jogging. It’s my kind of place.

This has been a doosy of a season. All the madness and mayhem of season one has been sustained and exaggerated further with the show walking a thin line between parody, offensiveness and hyperbole. It is the most fun you can have with your TV on at the moment and the wait for season three will be long and agonizing. Where else can we go, heck I don’t care as long as we’re going there….

Banshee will be back sometime in the spring on Sky which is re-showing season one

John White

Updated: Mar 19, 2014

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