Banshee Season 2 Catch-up # 2 (episodes 5 to 7)

Our passion for Banshee knows no bounds. The opening four episodes of season 2 brought about an aftermath from the gun battle and siege and saw Rabbit wounded yet still alive, Carrie being punished by the law and her worthless husband and our Sheriff fighting to keep his secrets under wraps. Carrie's incarceration brought grueling fights and a sense of payback for all the years she caused her lover to face without a word or single visit.imageCarrie, like a number of the women on Banshee, has started to be explored more by the scripts in a second season that has looked to pad out secondary characters and uncover the culture of this peculiar town more. Rebecca, Carrie, Deputy Kelly and Deva have been followed through their particular travails in this brutal masculine town where sexual assault and awful oppression are but two of the terrors to be navigated. Banshee sure seems a place where happy endings don't stand a chance and where escape is hiding from the next murderer to come your way.

Episode five of this season was the best episode of telly I have seen all year. Concentrating almost entirely of Hood and Carrie, the episode hypnotically looked at the chances of this romance daring the viewer to take a break and believe in dreams and true love. White picket fences, a romantic hideaway and the chance that the world might let them go scott free - it was dazzling until it all evaporated in a downpour of killers and reminders of mortality. The message was clear - love won't be allowed. imageEpisode 6 illustrated the misery of Rebecca. Rejected by her Amish Brethren, strangely attracted to her maniac uncle and rampantly applying her sexuality in a small town, she has faced sexual assault, ostracism, and the kind of fate that defies description when her uncle decides to micromanage her love life. Tantalisingly Proctor garottes her partner before asking her to witness his industrial mincing or was that an hallucination.

Said lover was a friend of the Sheriff, being the son of the original Sheriff Hood, and Proctor is not hiding his actions. Choking back the desire to end the villain, Hood takes advice and starts to choke up his business instead. Also choking, is Carrie's son whose wastrel Dad is forgetting parenthood duties in a glut of strippers, whiskey and jealousy. As Mayor he has plans to avenge himself on Hood but is currently too drunk and stupid to enact them.

This season is building up to one hell of a shitstorm with three episodes left and a powder keg of Neo-Nazis, Native Americans, Amish and Russian mobsters ready to blow. It'll be interesting to see just how daring the writers will be in treating our fugitive Sheriff and stretching the small town concept. I've thought before that Banshee had nowhere else to go and been wrong, I hope to be again. At the moment it is electrifying TV...

Banshee is shown in the US on Cinemax and can be watched on their website if you live in that fine country. Over here, season one is showing on Sky One with season two arriving soon




out of 10

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