Arrow Season Two Catch-up

Arrow is all about the beefcake. For all the comeliness of Jessica De Gouw, Katie Cassidy and lately Summer Glau, what the Arrow serves up most is hunky men with impressive physiques. No excuse is forsaken to show lead Stephen Amell facing bare chested torture, changing his top or being imprisoned without the luxury of clothing.imageNow it's important a show knows its audience and keeps them onside, and after the first season of the romantic triangle of Oliver, Laurel and Tommy, this show has learnt to live without the latter and sideline Laurel in order to concentrate on male torsos. In this respect, I applaud the producers that it is now allowing the likes of David Ramsay and the improbably named Colton Hayes to shoulder the burden with a plethora of pecs and 8-packs.

Season 1 ended with the devastation of a large part of Starling City, the vanquishing of Malcolm Merlyn and the death of the very pointless Tommy. Season 2 kicks off keen to change the landscape more, with Oliver's mom on trial for the bombing, Laurel now an assistant DA with a vendetta against the Hood, and a fair few cast members changed or sidelined. With Queen incorporated under attack from corporate raiders we are introduced to Glau as Isabel Rochev as Oliver's co-chair at the company, and a new superhero comes to town in the shape of the Black Canary. Similarly we have a new DA who looks dodgy and a principled politician coming up from The Glades.imageThe time on the island is also expanded with the identity of one of the new additions related to this and lots of scenes meeting our fleshy needs as mentioned above. Team Arrow also gets some additions with a brief collaboration with The Black Canary, the addition of Roy as ears on the ground, and a close alliance developing with the demoted Quentin Lance.

During the first six episodes, we are introduced to a shadowy organisation that Malcolm Merlyn was part of and the Black Canary is running from, the League of Assassins. They serve to improve the fight scenes and give the Arrow a tougher test as the story of our new superhero echoes the first seasons arc. The Laurel storyline is relegated after episode 3 featuring a very eerie serial killer, and Felicity and Rochev become the new romantic interests for Oliver. Sadly John's squeeze from season 1 is written out.

Episodes 5 and 6 continue with the identity of the Black Canary revealed to Team Arrow but not to Laurel. The sixth episode takes us to Russia with a search for Deadshot and more intrigue to do with Diggle's past. The remainder to come of the first half of the season promises the return of the Count (re-cast again), the development of The Flash and much more. If the first few episodes are anything to go by, expect male flesh, good action, some bed-hopping and downplayed romance. Arrow has improved its average in season 2 and hopefully there's more to expect from it....

Arrow is shown in the UK on Sundays on Sky 1. You can also catch it on SkyGo



out of 10

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