As spoiler free as we can...

You remember Claire Goose, don't you. Tina Seabrook in Casualty, Mel Silver in Waking the Dead, she was in The Bill, and that really good thing with John Simm and Jim Broadbent. Well, I guess in between starting a family her acting career has been lower profile since her early fame in the noughties and she is finally back in a leading role with ITV's Undeniable, showing in April on our second channel. Here's the promo for it...

In the two parter, Claire plays a woman (Jane) whom saw her mother murdered when she was a little girl. Understandably, this has taken it's toll on her health and psychiatric admissions and years of anti-depressants have finally given way to her becoming a mother herself. Her life is quasi-idyllic with a beautiful country cottage, a loving husband and a daughter the same age she was when it all happened. We join Jane as she is telling her husband some big news and then follow her as she attends a routine check-up at the hospital.

Where she nearly prangs a car and then sees oncologist Peter Firth whom she believes is the man who murdered her mother those years before. From this point Undeniable takes on a thriller direction and pits the respectable consultant against the troubled Jane, complete with families secrets, impossible odds and a decent line in constant doubt.imageI won't give anything away accept to say this is a kind of double mistaken identity thriller where we are asked to work out whether Jane is unwell or Firth's character is innocent. So both Goose and Firth need to suggest shade and light in their portrayals and they both do well, even if the best performance probably comes from Pippa Haywood in a clichéd role as a retiring Detective.

It's more evidence that ITV now takes drama seriously and is committed to making relatable shows with good casts and solid direction. You'll catch it in the weekday 9pm slot during the first two weeks of April, we think you'll enjoy it.

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