Silk season three

Peter Moffat's legal drama returns with the luminous Martha back in court fighting police corruption and losing whilst Clive (Rupert Penry Jones) celebrates his new career in prosecution. Before you can say kicking against the pricks, Martha is dancing to Love will tear us apart and then defending a protester accused of murdering a riot policeman. In the practice itself, Billy's dodgy practices have resulted in a new practice manager brought in to keep him in check.imageThe joy of Silk is the passion of Maxine Peake's Martha. She is a woman driven by conscience, whose lonely road is the price she pays for being on the side of the underdog. Her performance beautifully sketches in a human being whose strength is also her curse and whose single mindedness keeps her apart from all she needs.

Almost as enjoyable is Neil Stuke as Billy. Just as determined, just as committed as Martha - his life is his job, his barristers are his family. This season sees him battling Miranda Raison's practice manager and his own mortality, putting his own self and health last whilst doing the best for the practice. imageMoffat's writing can occasionally stretch credulity, but he does give the main cast of fine, fine actors something to work with and they reward the patience of the viewer for Martha's quixotic ways and Clive's lack of spine with much in the way of human richness. The series is always mounted well and retains an ability to confound predictions which is surprising given how staid legal dramas do get.

We bid Martha and team welcome again and recommend Silk for your viewing pleasure.

Silk returns around February 17th, You can catch up with series 1 and 2 on iTunes

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