Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall - Spoiler-Free Preview!

The end is coming. In a few days time, the second series of Sherlock will conclude and we’ll all know whether our internet-famous hero can survive the story which finished off Arthur Conan Doyle’s original version.

Well, two slight edits to the above. Firstly, Conan Doyle later brought Holmes back from the dead anyway. Second, we at The Digital Fix have already seen it. So, here’s a quick spoiler-less look at whether this finale lives up to expectations.


I’m even more conscious of the need to avoid spoilers this week, as writer Stephen Thompson has come up with a plot worthy of a Sherlock ending, so it really would ruin the experience if I tell you what happens. The twists are more intricate than Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair, and only slightly less dark.

So this post may not be as long or involved as it could, but yes, the emotional scenes work, Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman put a lot into them. And if, like me, you’ve been waiting for Molly to have her moment, you won’t be disappointed.

Andrew Scott, of course, gets a lot of screentime as Moriarty, and he is weirdly magnetic, even if his character’s motivation can seem thin. In general, really, this is a good episode, but very comic book at times. Some of the dialogue is extremely melodramatic, and delivered straight faced with less jokes than usual.

Still, if you’re invested in the characters, it’ll be hard not to care as they go through merry hell. Sit back and prepare to have your heartstrings at least slightly twanged.

Check out the BBC Sherlock official site for more information, preview clips and such, and let us know below if you have any predictions for this great climax. Because, melodramatic or not, it really is a big ending.

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