No Spoilers! Doctor Who - The God Complex

The God Complex continues the run of standalone stories and sees the Doctor and his companions trapped in a hotel filled with their worst nightmares. Toby Whithouse's episode is another strong outing that shuns the ongoing storyline in favour of a (literal) monster of the week tale. It's also Nick Hurran's second directorial stab and cements our view that he needs to be given more Who next year. There's plenty of creepiness - clowns, ventriloquist dolls and a monster straight out of mythology and Whithouse's light humour manages to inject plenty of levity into what could have been quite a dark plot.

With that in mind, here are some teasers to get your excitement levels rising - there may be fewer than usual, but you'll appreciate my reluctance to give too much away!

We get more running down corridors than the average episode

There are a few mentions and photos of classic and not-so-classic monsters

Don't blink

Anyone who hates the circus might want to hide behind the sofa

Walliams plays a very understated part, against type, and it works

The mother of all rugs gets pulled out from under us

The biggest feeling we're left with right now is where the series takes us next - the end of The God Complex really throws a spanner into the works and with only two episodes left - at least one looks to be another standalone story - and so many plot lines to tie up it looks like the finale could fly past at break-neck speed!

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