No Spoilers! Doctor Who - The Girl Who Waited

Another stand-alone episode this week - the departure from the River Song plot arc is beginning to be a little jarring, despite being a welcome break. Tom McRae's episode is hugely memorable and extremely stylish; rarely has an almost complete lack of colour had so much impact. Our full review will be online after broadcast, but in the meantime here's our now customary spoiler-free teasers...

Planet of the Coffee Shops? I can understand that being a pretty popular destination.

Glasses are cool, especially these ones

There are two Rory's but not quite in the way you would expect

Amy does a LOT of waiting, but puts her time to good use

The TARDIS isn't happy about something Amy does

There's another sonic screwdriver alternative

Rory has to make a heartbreaking choice

It's of the most emotionally draining episodes we've seen

One thing for sure, The Girl Who Waited, is a very effective piece of television and gives Karen Gillan a really good part that stretches her far more than we usually get to see. There are some really touching moments and it's an episode that will stick with this viewer far longer than most. Brilliant writing, direction and a really effective soundtrack added to some wonderful performances create a really, really good Who story. We're also now really looking forward to Nick Hurran's second episode as director, the Toby Whithouse scripted The God Complex, given the unique look we have here. The one concern we have is that the story may be a little too deep for younger kids but once in a while it's worth it just to have some really good drama.

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