No Spoilers! Doctor Who: Night Terrors

So, episode two after the break is nearly upon us and it's one of the few completely standalone stories that we have this year. It's also Mark Gatiss' second attempt at writing for Doctor No. 11 after the massive squandering of opportunity that was Victory of the Daleks. Can he do better this time around? You'll have to wait until Saturday to decide on that one, but in the mean time here's our quick spoiler-free snippets to get you in the mood...


We get to 'enjoy' more Cockney accents and dodgy acting than the average episode of Eastenders

It's an episode that taps directly into every child's most basic fears

The Doctor's psychic paper becomes an intergalactic email alternative

More creepy monsters and a spooky 'Nightmare on Elm Street' style rhyme that may have more meaning than we first realise

As with the scenes with Amelia Pond, Matt Smith's Doctor is at his very best when interacting with kids

The Doctor gets yet another great monologue

Did we mention the monsters are creepy? They become creepier - possibly the scariest we've seen


On the whole, Night Terrors, is a welcome break from the ongoing arc but it's going to be as divisive an episode as Gatiss' previous efforts and feels more like old-Who than new at times.

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