No Spoilers: Doctor Who - Let's Kill Hitler

We've seen episode eight and it's safe to say that Doctor Who fans are in for a treat this Saturday. In this writer's view it's the best of the series so far but rather than spoil it for you we thought it would be best to just drop a few tiny tit-bits of information. Let's Kill Hitler is one of those episodes you'll be wanting to watch a few times just to pick up all of the tiny details, hints and revelations. One thing for sure, Steven Moffat is not afraid of answering big questions and with this episode we're seeing the start of the wrapping up of a huge number of plot threads whilst introducing even more.

Just to wet your appetites.

1. We're introduced to a new face within the first few minutes

2. The Doctor makes use of an alternative to the Sonic Screwdriver

3. Rory makes good use of his fists, not once, but twice

4. More story and plot is crammed into 45 minutes than a whole year of the Russell T Davies era

5. There's a wonderfully put together montage sequence with a great soundtrack

6. There are some nice references back to pre-Moffat/Smith times including some familiar faces

7. Amelia Pond is back

8. One short moment adds far more meaning to River Song's first story with David Tennant's Tenth Doctor

9. The smallest plot points are likely to have massive repercussions

10. The teasers you've already seen for this episode may be more than a little misleading

Look out for our full, no holds barred, review after the episode is broadcast and, whatever you do, DON'T go looking for spoilers elsewhere as this is one episode you want to know as little about as possible.

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