No Spoilers! Doctor Who: Closing Time

Closing Time sees James Corden return as Craig Owens in another companion-light story. This is the Cyberman story that all of the trailers have hinted at, but once again they fail to impress and disappointingly we're left STILL waiting for a good story featuring the cyborgs.

The episode is a lighter feel than most of late, but there is loads of emphasis on the Doctor's fate and it feels like a penultimate episode leading up to the big event...

With all this in mind, here's our spoiler-free hints. Look out for our full review this weekend.

We see two very familiar faces

James Corden is more irritating this time around

The Doctor meets his match in a baby

The Doctor can speak baby!

There's an unexpected 'Cyber leader'

Tick tock goes the clock

One of the series biggest questions is answered

The last five minutes = OMFG!

Trailer for next week = OMFG!

The real pay off this week is the set up and trailer for next week and it looks like a cracker, but how are they going to fit everything in? We want LOTS of answers and can't wait to find out what Stephen Moffat has in store for us.

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