Merlin: The Drawing Of The Dark - Spoiler Free Preview!

It's time for another Merlin preview, and enjoy them while they last, there won't be many more. If we get a preview for every remaining episode, two more after this, but we can't guarantee there won't be a BBC security lockdown around that all-important wizarding series finale.

So, make the most of this oncoming list, as conflicted knight-druid Mordred finally takes front and centre. No plot spoilers will feature, just vague hinting.


  1. Yes, last week's Next Time trailer gave away a lot about this episode, but there are still big surprises.

  2. Not much Gwen or Morgana this week - it's all about the duelling sausages of Merlin, Arthur and Mordred.

  3. For a change, muscly Sir Percival gets easily the best Knight moment of the episode. Go Percy go!

  4. The war dramatically declared at the end of the previous episode is mentioned, but looks like we'll have to wait another week for major skirmishes.

  5. A good episode, though. Fans should have a stuff drink in preperation. You'll want the final two parter badly after this.

  6. Fans of Colin Morgan looking concerned should keep a box of tissues particularly handy.

Merlin: The Drawing Of The Dark airs Saturday at 8:15PM on BBC One. More info and previous episodes on iPlayer at the BBC Official site.

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