Merlin: The Diamond of the Day - Part One - Spoiler Free Preview!

The final days of Merlin are upon us! Penultimate episode tomorrow, and then the finale on Christmas Eve! We already hit your with our wish-list for the conclusion, but now we've seen the first half!

Could The Diamond of the Day - Part One ever live up to expectations? Did any of our wishes come true? Well, we can't entirely tell you that, because the BBC would kick us in the face, but let's drop some spoiler-free teasers...


  1. Morgana, at last, has a plan beyond her usual two schemes (namely "Charge!" and "Install traitor"), and it looks like it might work. So that's one item from our wish list granted!

  2. The fall-out of last week's cliffhanger is all through this week's episode, along with a real sense of an oncoming storm.

  3. Been waiting all year for Gwaine to have a storyline? Your dreams may be coming true at the last minute.

  4. Touching Arthur/Merlin moments? Stubborn Merlin scenes? Inspiring Arthur speeches? All the vintage elements are in place.

  5. Suprise guest star from the past? Check.

  6. They're going all out on the battle budget, and it's not even part two yet.

  7. Would Merlin ever use magic dishonestly to win whilst gambling? Find out here!

So, that's the Merlin penultimate episode ever, airing at 7:55PM on Saturday. Check it out, and then, yes, we should be back on Sunday with a preview of Monday's finale. WARNING: it will probably be even more vague.

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